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Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI car data and specifications. Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI car information and specs

Bodywork type Hatchback
Length (mm) 4880
Height (mm) 1390
Width (mm) 1730
Number of seats 5
Number of doors 5
Wheelbase (mm) 2766
Track rear (mm) 1450
Track front (mm) 1490
Total (curb) weight (kg) 1330
Gross (max.) weight (kg) 1910
Min. cargo capacity (volume) 530
Tires 195/65 R15
Engine displacement (cm3) 1994
Engine location Front, transverse
Bore (mm) 84.45
Number of cylinders 4
Stroke (mm) 89
Valves per cylinder 4
Fuel supply Distributed injection
Engine power (hp) 136.
At revolution 6000
Wheel drive Front
Number of gears (manual transmission) 5
Type of steering Wheel-rail
Power steering Hydraulic system
Brakes rear Disc brakes
Brakes front Ventilated disc brakes
Acceleration to 100 km/h 10.2
Fuel capacity (l) 68
Top (maximal) speed (km/h) 201

Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI car bodywork specifications: Rover 800-serie is a hatchback with 5 seats and has 5 doors. Dimensions information of car: 4880 mm long, 1390 mm high, 1730 mm wide. Other Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI cars specs: 2766 mm wheelbase, rear track has 1450 mm, front track has 1490 mm,. Total car weight is 1330 kg and 1910 kg of maximum weight, cargo capacity (volume) if from 530 . Tires type for Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI is 195/65 R15. Car engine specifications: 1994 cm3 displacement, located front, transverse, 84.45 mm bore. Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI has 4 cylinders. More car engine information: , 89 mm stroke, car has 4 valves per cylinder, distributed injection fuel supply type, engine power 136. hp at revolution 6000.
Transmission specifications of Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI wheel drive is front, and 5 gears manual transmission.
Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI has wheel-rail type of steering. And hydraulic system power steering.
Rear brakes are disc brakes. Front brakes specs: ventilated disc brakes.
Performance Rover 800-serie car data: it takes 10.2 sec. for Rover 800 Hatchback 820 I/SI to get 100 km/h speed. 201 km/h is the max speed. Rover 800-serie gasoline tank has 68 liters capacity..