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Toyota Mark II (GX90) 2.0 i 24V car data and specifications. Toyota Mark II (GX90) 2.0 i 24V car information and specs

Bodywork type Sedan
Length (mm) 4750
Height (mm) 1390
Width (mm) 1750
Number of seats 5
Number of doors 4
Wheelbase (mm) 2730
Track rear (mm) 1495
Track front (mm) 1485
Ground clearance (mm) 155
Total (curb) weight (kg) 1280
Gross (max.) weight (kg) 1555
Tires 195/65 R15
Engine displacement (cm3) 1988
Engine location Front, longitudinally
Cylinder type In-line
Bore (mm) 75
Number of cylinders 6
Compression ratio 9.6
Stroke (mm) 75
Valves per cylinder 4
Turbo -
Fuel supply Distributed injection
Engine power (hp) 135/5600
Engine torque 177/4400
Wheel drive Rear
Number of gears (automatic transmission) 4
Number of gears (manual transmission) 5
Type of steering Wheel-rail
Power steering Hydraulic system
Brakes rear Disc brakes
Brakes front Ventilated disc brakes
Fuel capacity (l) 70
Fuel consumption - city (l) 12
Fuel consumption - road (l) 10
Fuel consumption - mixed (l) 7.1

Toyota Mark II (GX90) 2.0 i 24V car bodywork specifications: Toyota Mark II is a sedan with 5 seats and has 4 doors. Dimensions information of car: 4750 mm long, 1390 mm high, 1750 mm wide. Other Toyota Mark II (GX90) 2.0 i 24V cars specs: 2730 mm wheelbase, rear track has 1495 mm, front track has 1485 mm, ground clearance - 155 mm. Total car weight is 1280 kg and 1555 kg of maximum weight. Tires type for Toyota Mark II (GX90) 2.0 i 24V is 195/65 R15. Car engine specifications: 1988 cm3 displacement, located front, longitudinally with in-line cylinders, 75 mm bore. Toyota Mark II (GX90) 2.0 i 24V has 6 cylinders. More car engine information: 9.6 compression ratio, 75 mm stroke, car has 4 valves per cylinder, distributed injection fuel supply type, engine power 135/5600 hp, engine torque equals 177/4400.
Transmission specifications of Toyota Mark II (GX90) 2.0 i 24V wheel drive is rear, it has 4 gears of automatic transmission, and 5 gears manual transmission.
Toyota Mark II (GX90) 2.0 i 24V has wheel-rail type of steering. And hydraulic system power steering.
Rear brakes are disc brakes. Front brakes specs: ventilated disc brakes. Toyota Mark II gasoline tank has 70 liters capacity. The car consumps 12 liters in the city, 10 liters on the road, and 7.1 liters mixed type.