Choose the Car

Tires data is a mortgage of successful ride

If you have an own car, and you are happy, thinking that it remains you only that and to do, that to ride on him. That it is a not correct idea. Drive her it away.

In fact technical descriptions of cars, and their exploitation, it is science almost, and you will have to understand her, otherwise you will have continuous troubles.

Choice of car based on auto data

In modern life a car becomes the dream of practically any man, be that graduating student of institution of higher learning, hard worker with experience or housewife. And it is clear, in fact a car a long ago left off to be a luxury, and remains an irreplaceable motor vehicle simplifying life and saving precious time.

Tuning, as method to do the auto better

Cars can be classified on different signs beginning from the type of gearbox and ending by volume of cylinders of engines. Someone gives to the preference to sedan, someone loves hatchback, other want to ride only on large cars. For one the appearance of car is important, other foremost look at technical descriptions of auto data.

Mitsubishi Colt CZ3 descriptions

Hallo everybody, our article will be about the little and cute typewriter of Mitsubishi Colt CZ3 at the market of Russia, this car is presented by 2 kinds modification: three and five door - both have a gearbox of hatchback. Descriptions of auto data meaningfully do not differ between itself, only a 5-door model has longer a corps on a 300 mm and plus folding roof, that makes actually out of car cabriolet (but for us such very small).

Battle of Audi Q7 against Range Rover S

Now we will compare two auto data "of giant" of cars production: conservative English Range Rover Sport and defiant German car Audi Q7. Comparison of cars will come true after such criteria: external design, salon of car and about the technical filling.

External design

Both cars enrapture to visual view.

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