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Battle of Audi Q7 against Range Rover S


Now we will compare two auto data "of giant" of cars production: conservative English Range Rover Sport and defiant German car Audi Q7. Comparison of cars will come true after such criteria: external design, salon of car and about the technical filling.

External design

Both cars enrapture to visual view. Range Rover Sport looks strictly enough and strongly, it all due to presences of plenty of direct connections, well and in addition rectangular "snout". Well and Audi Q7 on the face of it looks more tender, than the English car, but it only at first. Well now, let us look, that hides after itself appearance of these cars.

System of safety and luggage rack

Now we will consider comparison of auto data internal descriptions. To get inside cars, it is not needed to put many efforts, it all due to the special system of safety of access. However specialists proved that at Audi she works far better than the English competitor, all business in speed of opening of doors, the key in Range Rover can not immediately open a door. Essence is in that though and the doors of Range Rover are broken on two parts, than at the German car. By another plus for German, there is that at will of customer an electromechanic can be set in a luggage rack, and then in general will not be difficult to open a luggage rack, simply by means of the button. Well and in the end about capaciousness, then they are practically identical, at Audi are 2035 litres, and at Range Rover are 2013 litres.

Further comparison of cars after a driving mestome, in the British auto data a conservative hand is felt at once, a road is visible perfectly, it all due to landing, that far higher, than at Audi. It gives a large plus for a comfort ride, it is possible always clearly to control a situation and beforehand to avoid troubles on the road. Now about the technical filling, all tests and questioning showed an identical answer practically, that technical system in Audi Q7 far useful, lying down in a management, plus without every problems and with a pleasant design, what at Range Rover Sport.

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