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Mitsubishi Colt CZ3 descriptions


Hallo everybody, our article will be about the little and cute typewriter of Mitsubishi Colt CZ3 at the market of Russia, this car is presented by 2 kinds modification: three and five door - both have a gearbox of hatchback. Descriptions of auto data meaningfully do not differ between itself, only a 5-door model has longer a corps on a 300 mm and plus folding roof, that makes actually out of car cabriolet (but for us such very small). Not looking on the little sizes of car, he differs in the positive specifications of passive safety (in obedience to the tests of EuroNCAP, he got 4 points from 5 real).

Internal descriptions of cars of Colt provide only a comfort and comforts to the passengers. There is a very high gearbox in Colt CZ3, that gives a more place above a head and plus high people does not feel itself awkwardly. Also seats in a car cost highly enough what provide landing of minivans. The negative side of car will be the A-frame bars that close visibility of road - through them it is possible not to see not that man, even car. But the proprietors of such auto data, as a rule, quickly learn to control a situation, by means of manoeuvres. Descriptions of cars of Mitsubishi Colt CZ3 on an interior, as on me very comfortable. Nothing special is present there, but all is done with a maximal comfort general simple auto data of the Asian type. Arm-chairs very comfortable, yield to the management (and back too), it is possible easily from an arm-chair to do for itself a miniature bed and it is good to sleep. Another plus of arm-chairs is circumstance that they can be easily dismantled, for example, if it is needed to transport large luggage. Also there is a conditioner in a car, electric control stand by mirrors and glasses.

This car will fully get off for such roads as for us, as she has a very hard pendant. She perfectly helps at an uneven road, not giving to the passengers to feel shaking. And in the end, a auto data has a very easy management and good manoeuvrability, these internalss first of all gives to him his little sizes and form of corps. And remember, a typewriter is expected for calmly ride, but not for speed races.

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