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To make a comparison of car and auto information of Fiat Albea with other brands, there is not sense, because she not very much popular on our spaces and she while does not need to think of such enviable popularity, as for example at Hyundai Accent. In Europe a model is famous from 1996, however at our market she arose up three years prior to beginning of producing from a conveyer in 2003, and had Turkish nationality. However, even not it prevented to occupy to the car a top on sales. Exactly brand of Fiat - here that factor that, if does not frighten off, then one hundred percents compel to be thoughtful customers.

And by the way, without regard to the multiannual life, Albea showed oneself an absolutely faithful car information. Not without misconducts, undoubtedly, but however absolutely deserve that, in order to become a favourite and exceptional. And let him not so is wonderful, as other his Italian prototypes, but however at once notedly, that quite a bit labour was expended in the design of this car. Without the special enthusiasm, but however he was. Except for a certainly internal interior. There is in him some feature that creates correct character of auto information in totality. Dropped to the soul, in particular, control panel: good example of innovative approach that accents the attention on communicability.

All is perfect and with internal and external sizes. Even to the man, whose height for a 185 cm, will comfortably here sit, we can even conduct comparison of cars of similar kind we will see that not all have such large roof as Albea, that does her competitive at the market. But here breadthways there is too a small place. A back seat will suit only for children, because there simply not placed adults. Albea is not bad and at aggressive motions. Car and auto information also perfectly shows itself on the bad road due to a long and strong pendant. Not too weak motor 77 horsepowers, collects hundred for 13.4 seconds, certainly the not highest result, but also aim of car peaceful ride, but not street races. Expense of fuel about 13 litres on a city and 11 on a route. Not economy car, but for a middle class will suit fully. Well and do not forget that at the purchase of cars it is always needed to make a comparison of cars.

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