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The motor-car of Scania perfectly declared itself

The motor-vehicle applied in building must work in any terms. Technical descriptions of cars of Scania differ in enhanceable reliability, wearproofness and longevity of all details of undercarriage and transmission. High quality of all aggregates serves as the guarantee of daily reliability and protracted faultless work of technique.

Japaneses love minivans with good specifications

The Japanese customers very love minivans of different categories. In "Country of an Ascending Sun" these cars use large, deserved demand. Technical descriptions of car specs of this class are high enough and quite a bit assists it.

In Japan the leading specialized editions were conduct the next interactive questioning on an occasion minivans.

Whether Lanos befits 76th petrol

Does assume technical descriptions of car specs of Daewoo Lanos the use of 76th petrol? Yes, technical descriptions of cars of Daewoo Lanos assume the use of petrol with the antiknock values of A - 76 and A - 80, and yet A - 92. Greater part of products of this south Korean firm will supply with to the east Europe markets, therefore technical car specs of this corporation assume possibility of resheduling of engine for work on petrol of A - 83, and also A - 87 and A - 95.

Fight of budgetary models: Kia Rio vs Chevrolet Aveo

The competitions of world motor-car giants always look chicly. Especially chicly competitions look in top klass. Producers, try to incarnate the most front-rank developments in fullsize cars. But financial prosperity is however determined by the sales of cars in budgetary classes. And not simply sales and sales mass.

Elegant Citroen C3 and its specs

It excellent fivelocal hatchback, from that all women will be without a mind. Why? - And because, a not alone woman will not stand on end before elegance, "tender" lines of corps and compactness of this car. The smooth lines of transition on all gearboxes contrastingly complement one other and allot the design of car only by stylish and pleasant rice.